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Professional language services into and from all European languages

Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to your translation needs! Placing your translation request into the hands of Schleicher Sprachservice means placing it in the best hands - and minds - Germany has to offer.

Schleicher Sprachservice’s translation team comprises professionals specialised in the fields of legal and business for years. We provide professional translations from and into all European languages. As a Frankfurt-based agency that has been offering professional language services in this domain Europe-wide for more than a decade now, you can draw on our quality of style and accuracy of terminology.

All translation services provided by Schleicher Sprachservice are rendered by native speakers of the target language who have proven their knowledge of legal and business terminology and full grasp of subtleties in both, the source as well as target language. Four eyes for quality assurance: once completed, a translation is double checked at least once, before it is sent out to the client. This guarantees maximum linguistic, but also content-based accuracy. If available, we are glad to include your in-house terminology you provide us with.

Of course, all information which comes to our knowledge in connection with a translation project will be treated as strictly confidential. As a professional courtesy, we are happy to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement.

Bylaws, articles of association, excerpts from the commercial register or bank information: we translate all incorporation documents that you need for listing your business with the German commercial register - the Handelsregister as it is called - or any other authority or official agency nationwide. Even certified and with an apostille! As a translation agency specialised in all things legal, Schleicher Sprachservice is your go-to agency when considering a professional language service provider for your multi-lingual M&A documents: from the first idea to the final closing, even or especially for larger projects which require a full team of specialist translators with the neccessary expertise.

And should you find yourself facing a legal dispute which is tried in court, we provide professional support during all stages of the proceedings - no matter whether a full statement of a claim, a judicial resolution or a pleading from the counterparty needs to be translated.

Be sure to contact us -- Schleicher Sprachservice helps with competence in legal and business matters!

You are planning to have your employee magazine translated into multiple languages? To optimise your Internet presentation with other languages? Or to regularly publish German or Spanish articles on your Intranet? Then Schleicher Sprachservice is the right partner for you. Talk to us! We show you which solutions are feasible, and what to expect in terms of time and money.

As for your need for certified translations in Europe, look no further!

For a certified translation authenticated by a Germany-based translator registered with the courts to be recognised abroad, it may be necessary to add an apostille or procure an interim certification. The apostille is added to the document by the regional court whereas an interim authentication requires additional legalisation at the consulate of the country for which the document is issued. Sounds complicated? We will make it easy for you: call us or send us a brief email outlining your specific request, and we will take care of the rest. We are professionals and take pride of our service standards which aim to help you with every aspect of your concern.

And speaking of certification: certified translation, sworn translator, notarised translation, transliteration according to ISO standards - for someone who does not deal with professional language services on a daily basis, this may sound rather confusing... so why not make life easy: Ask us! We are the specialists and know which official requirements translations must meet.

Be sure not to save in the wrong place when organising your international business dealings. Schleicher Sprachservice knows how to bring your message across with precision, to avoid any misunderstanding. Communication is our forte, and good organisation is key to making sure that all documents that are needed for a smooth cooperation with your foreign business partners are available when needed. Even if a deadline is right around the corner.

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