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Professional translations of balance sheets, annual reports and more in Frankfurt

Professional translations in Frankfurt not only require excellent language skills but also call for qualified specialist knowledge of business and law in the target country. Professional translations of excerpts from the commercial register, balance sheets, annual financial statements or even annual reports must be linguistically and contextually correct and able to withstand scrutiny by authorities abroad.

Professional translations are not something for laymen, but for the experts at Schleicher Sprachservice Frankfurt:

✔️ Translation agency specialised in law and business
✔️ Certified translators and experienced native speakers
✔️ Professional translations from and into all European languages
✔️ Over 20 years of experience and well established in Frankfurt
✔️ Careful quality assurance according to the four-eyes principle
✔️ Financial/business terminology (if desired, in-house terminology will also be taken into account)

We are experts in specialised translations. The translation team of Schleicher Sprachservice Frankfurt consists of trained translators who have been specialised in the fields of law, business and finance for many years. Most of them are native speakers with a multi-professional background. In other words, the staff who, for example, carry out professional translations of balance sheets in Frankfurt, have learned to translate from scratch and have acquired additional qualifications in the fields of law, finance and business administration during their studies. We have been very successful with this practice in Frankfurt for more than 20 years and guarantee terminologically and stylistically perfect professional translations.

Professional translations in law, business and finance

Schleicher Sprachservice Frankfurt stands for quality and confidentiality. Not only do we have a flair for language and the necessary vocabulary in the fields of law, business and finance, but we are also extremely thorough and careful when translating your documents: we check every translation according to the four-eye principle before we forward it to you.

In addition, any and all information that comes to our knowledge while producing our professional translations in Frankfurt for you will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We can also set this out in writing in advance in a confidentiality agreement or NDA.

Learn more about us, our values and philosophy. Contact us for a free consultation in Frankfurt if you are in need of a professional translation. We would be happy to present our services and expertise to you and provide you with a free binding offer with a fixed delivery date for your desired translation.

Professional translators for the construction and real estate industry

In transactions involving real estate, everything should be perfect from A to Z. That is why we also offer professional translations for the construction and real estate industry: documentation with all relevant information, building descriptions and financing documents are translated by us meticulously and concisely. Our office in Frankfurt will help you to bring your real estate business to the desired conclusion.

Even in the case of purchase, rental or loan agreements with international participation, it is advisable to call in a translator who will ensure that the document is understood by all parties to the contract. Our translators have a sound knowledge of the real estate sector and will ensure that there are no misunderstandings when the contract is concluded. Last but not least, a sworn interpreter is mandatory when concluding effective real estate contracts if one of the parties does not speak sufficient German.

In addition to professional translations we also offer:

Does a foreign authority require a certified professional translation of an extract from the land register? Schleicher Sprachservice Frankfurt is happy to provide linguistic support and is qualified to produce certified translations and have them apostilled by the competent court of law.


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