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What is the correct terminology now – Bestätigt or Beglaubigt?

Have you recently ordered a certified translation from us at Schleicher Sprachservice? Then you might have noticed that the certification annotation under our translations has changed. Even more noticeable is the change in the header of each translation. While the header over our translations used to be

Beglaubigte Übersetzung aus der englischen Sprache,

it has now changed to:

Bestätigte Übersetzung aus der englischen Sprache.

The reason for this is a new guideline from the state in which we are situated and certified, Hesse. The new guideline states that “bestätigt” is now the preferable option. We have decided to implement this recommendation. The legal validity of our translations is not affected by this. They will continue to be accepted across Germany and all of the EU countries.

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