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A couple of words concerning coronavirus

Covid 19 has changed many things. We are often asked if it will also impact our provision of services. The answer depends on which services you are requesting:

When it comes to translating, next to nothing has changed. It might take a bit longer when we have to get an apostille for a certified translation, but that is the only thing that is different now – apart from that, it’s business as usual.

Interpreting however, has changed. We also are getting used to the new circumstances step by step. It is becoming apparent that, because of social distancing requirements, interpretation assignments take much longer, because simultaneous interpretation is no longer possible. Therefore, you should plan more time for your meeting.

If you would like to connect an interpreter to your virtual meeting, you need to plan accordingly and in good time. In such cases, you can also expect the meeting to be much longer than it would be with an interpreter on site.

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