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Interpreters in Frankfurt: professional, precise and specialised in business and law

Are you looking for interpreters in Frankfurt? Our language service always ensures clear communication – whether in contract and court negotiations or at events with an international audience. Our focus is on law and business and we have interpreters in Frankfurt that will convey your message to and from German with due diligence.

Do you need an interpreter? Then hire Schleicher Sprachservice Frankfurt:

✔️ Interpreting agency with over 20 years of experience
✔️ Specialised in the fields of law and business
✔️ Team management by certified interpreter Reiner Schleicher
✔️ Court interpreters and conference interpreters
✔️ Excellent service and absolute confidentiality
✔️ Interpreting from German to all European languages
✔️ Free and transparent offers
✔️ Equipment, such as an interpreting booth

With our interpreters, you are in good hands in Frankfurt. They will help you to communicate and comprehend, no matter how complicated the situation may be. Our interpreters have learned their trade from scratch and do not lose their composure even in difficult situations.


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Interpreting for notaries or courts in Frankfurt

Do you need an interpreter for a notary or court appointment in Frankfurt? Are you planning a conference with many international participants? It is best not to leave anything to chance when it comes to interpreting. Especially in legal matters, every single word can be decisive. A good interpreter can also make the difference when it comes to financial issues. The interpreters at Schleicher Sprachservice Frankfurt are well versed in the fields of law and business because of their studies and further training. Thanks to our accreditation as sworn interpreters in Frankfurt, we can also ensure that your message reaches the addressee as it is meant, no matter whether at notaries' offices or in court.

Do you require interpreting during a deposition in Frankfurt? We can help you here too. Simply contact our office in Frankfurt so that we can clarify whether one or two interpreters are required and whether a court reporter may need to be hired.

Get help from a certified interpreter in Frankfurt

If you are looking for an interpreter for a confidential client meeting in Frankfurt or a shareholders' meeting with international participants, we can provide reliable assistance with our service.

When interpreting, it is particularly important to be familiar with the respective subject matter. After all, the interpreter has to find the appropriate expression in the target language within fractions of a second. Our team is well versed in law and business and reads up on the subject matter before the assignment to familiarise themselves with your terminology so that communication within the appointment runs smoothly. We appreciate any support from you: the earlier our office in Frankfurt has suitable preparation material, the better our interpreters can perform at your meeting.

Of course, we can also provide any necessary technical equipment for your interpreting appointment in Frankfurt. Whether you need a tour guide system (PFA) for a small group or several interpreting booths for a three-figure number of listeners, we are optimally equipped for every interpreting assignment.

Interpreter for real estate matters

According to German law, a sworn interpreter must be consulted in order to conclude a legally effective contract if a property purchase is to be recorded by a notary and one party does not speak sufficient German. In such a case, we would be happy to provide you with all our linguistic expertise, i.e. a professional interpreter in Frankfurt or in the Rhine-Main area, so that your real estate transaction goes smoothly. The same applies if a mortgage under German law, or land charge, has to be established.

Besides interpreting in Frankfurt, we also offer:

Whether for employee surveys in multinational companies or arbitration proceedings and real estate transactions with international participation, the best way to learn about our services and expertise as interpreters in Frankfurt is to see for yourself. Give us a try! One important principle of our work is confidentiality: we never disclose the names of our clients or any information that our team learns during an interpreting assignment.

If you would like to learn more about us and our philosophy, please contact us. So we can offer you interpreting services in all European languages, we work from Frankfurt with hand-picked colleagues whom we have known for many years and who have proven to be reliable. Furthermore, we do not accept more interpreting assignments than we can confidently handle. Send us an enquiry and we will promptly provide you with a transparent and detailed offer for your interpreting assignment.


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