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Your professional interpreters for all things business and legal

Looking for an interpreter operating in Frankfurt, Europe, or even worldwide? Then you have come to the right place here at Schleicher Sprachservice!

Our team of interpreters have learned their trade from the bottom up and know how to keep their cool even in challenging situations. Whether for a face-to-face meeting with a client or for a workshop arranged for multiple participants - with Schleicher Sprachservice you have placed your language needs in safe hands.

Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to interpreting! Especially in the legal field, every single word counts. And even business topics rely heavily on good interpreting skills, as accuracy in conveying the spoken word can be key to finalising an agreement. Schleicher Sprachservice’s interpreters know their legal terminology and business glossaries inside and out and make sure that your business partner understands your message exactly as intended.

Looking for a certified interpreter in Frankfurt for a deposition that meets US standards? Look no further! Contact us so that we can establish if one or two interpreters are necessary, or if a court reporter has to be assigned and which other requirements must be met.

One of the parties at the notarisation of a real estate sale does not speak sufficient German? Here, too, we are happy to help. For the agreement to be legally effective, a certified interpreter must be involved. The same applies also when creating a mortgage under German law, the so-called Grundschuld.

The supervisory board of your company has a new member who is not quite proficient in German and still wishes to understand everything that is said during meetings? We will come up with a language solution that suits all parties.

Our interpreting professionals are here to help you in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area when it comes to employee interviews, executive board meetings, arbitration proceedings or appointments with tax or regulatory authorities.

Confidentiality is key to our line of work. For us, this begins with not even disclosing the names of our clients. That is why we do not have customer references on our website. Nor will our interpreters ever disclose any sensitive information obtained while on assignment. Our professional standards set the bar very high. Your information is protected twice. On the one hand, we are bound to secrecy by our profession; on the other, we are happy to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement upon request. Years of experience in the industry have taught us how important internal information can be and that for our clientele, it is crucial to be able to count on our absolute discretion.

Our obligation to maintain secrecy naturally also covers any material provided by you to us for preparation purposes. By the way - good preparatory materials are often half the battle when it comes to interpreting: The more information you provide us with prior to the assignment, the better our interpreter will be prepared to convey your message. And for this, we do not need the latest contract draft or the newest update with all the facts and figures - what helps us most is knowing your terminology. That way, we will have the necessary overview of the subject matter to be interpreted.

In Germany, there are various designations for a certified interpreter: vereidigter Dolmetscher, beeidigter Dolmetscher, or even öffentlich bestellter Dolmetscher. Some customers ask us why some interpreters are allgemein vereidigt, while others are only vereidigt? The answer is quite simple: There is no difference, really. Because in Germany, each individual federal state, or Bundesland, has its own rules for interpreters, they all have their own title.

For you as the client, these subtleties are irrelevant. Trust in the professionalism and acumen of Schleicher Sprachservice's interpreters - after all, they have all been in the business for quite some time now.

Call us or send us an email outlining your specific request, and we will walk you through the process. Are you looking for an interpreter in Frankfurt, across Germany, or even worldwide? Together we will find a solution that fits your needs. And if need be, we even take care of the hardware - from interpreters’ booths for large events with an audience of several hundred people, to the tour-guide system for smaller groups.

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