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Translation and interpretation services from the professionals: Schleicher Sprachservice

We are expert translators and interpreters

This means we acquired our translation competence in a six-year university programme. The course for a diploma interpreter or diploma translator (which is equivalent to today’s Masters degree) which Reiner Schleicher and Myriam Ahmad-Schleicher absolved at the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, is considered one of the most challenging throughout Europe for the translation discipline.

We are certified translators and interpreters

To render specific services such as certified translations, or interpreting before a court or notary public, interpreters and translators must be registered with the regional court of their place of business. Reiner Schleicher and Myriam Ahmad-Schleicher have been registered with the Frankfurt am Main regional court for English and Russian as certified language professionals for 25 years.

We are specialised in law and business

During our university studies we focused on the respective legal, economic and business fields. After successfully graduating, we have regularly been attending seminars and webinars to ensure our continuous professional development, to stay up to date and informed, and to acquire new skills. Over the years, we have also built up a network of specialists in the fields of law and business, which we can draw on if we need to clarify a question. And even by doing our job day by day, we never stop learning.

Not a run-of-the-mill translation agency

In the translation sector, Schleicher Sprachservice is what the legal industry refers to as a boutique. Everything we deliver to our clients passes through the hands and heads of the owners. That is what our name stands for. To secure this high quality of service, we only take on the amount of work we can confidently handle, and work with hand-selected colleagues who have proven more than once that they are the best.

We are constantly watching the market

Three years ago, we thought it would take many years for automated translation programmes to be useful for demanding specialised texts. However, the technology has taken a big step forward: with programmes based on neural networks, it is now possible to achieve usable results not only for simple texts, but also for more demanding and specialised texts. We will keep an eye on these developments.

However, one fact remains unchanged: for most of the texts we deal with, machine translation can be ruled out as they are highly confidential.

We guarantee our clients a simple process

Once you forward your enquiry to us, we quickly get back to you with a binding offer and a definitive delivery date for the translation or interpretation assignment.

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